Original, Hand Carved Linocut Prints

Amy Cundall is a U.K based Linocut Printmaker working from her studio in Stamford, Lincolnshire. Her work is predominantly inspired by nature.


Come see the world through her eyes!

The Black Edition  

‘I have had a creative mind from a young age, thriving in an environment of visual language.  I studied Art and Design at the Hitchin Centre for Arts and this along with other courses I have partaken in ignited my passion for creating Abstract Art and by contrast, Linocut printmaking. While worlds apart in many ways, the fundamentals are the same and I love the expressive nature of mark making.   

I have an intrigue for the natural world, particularly sea life which is a strong inspiration for my work.  While walking I’m inspired by the shapes, sounds and colours of nature combined with its peacefulness and tranquility.’



Based in Stamford, Lincolnshire