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Having had a creative mind from a young age, Amy Louise Cundall has always thrived in an environment of visual language over academia. She studied Art and Design at the Hitchin Centre for the Arts, and this, along with other courses she has partaken in, ignited her passion for linocut printmaking. Today, the self-taught printmaker works from her home studio in Stamford, Lincolnshire.


Amy has an intrigue for the natural world, and oceanic life is a strong source of inspiration for her work. “While walking I’m inspired by the shapes, sounds and colours of nature combined with its peacefulness and tranquillity” describes the printmaker. She is also inspired by vintage scientific illustrations; “there is something so intricate and beautiful about these images and I love flicking through old archival books for inspiration“.


The backgrounds for Amy’s linocut prints are kept plain so that the subjects are striking, and she adds further interest to the often simple outlines through experimentation with mark making. She predominantly works in a bold colour palette of teal, yellow ochre, and black. Amy often illustrates her prints directly onto the block, starting with a simple drawing and using her carving tools to add further detail. She explains; “I find this method encourages me to thoughtfully consider my marks, and for this reason leaves little room for error“. Her finished blocks are then inked up using oil-based ink, and burnished by hand using a printmaking Baren.


Amy has recently started working on a range of digitalised cards that use her linoblocks as the main image with an added twist of humour. “It’s great to be beautifully bonkers sometimes” concludes the printmaker.

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